5 Great Rock Climbing Spots in the Sacramento Region

5 Great Rock Climbing Spots in the Sacramento Region

When you think Sacramento, rock climbing might not be the first activity that comes to mind. But there are plenty of great spots, both indoor and outdoor, for climbing enthusiasts of every skill level! Whether you’re looking for a challenging bouldering experience or just a fun afternoon with friends, check out these areas for a great time.


  1. The Rocklin Boulders

As the name implies, this park in Rocklin has several 10 to 25-foot-high walls and boulders for you to tackle. It used to be a granite quarry, but was handed over to the city who turned it into Deer Creek Park for the public. There’s plenty of shade, so you won’t have to worry about overheating (given that you take standard precautions).


  1. Sacramento Pipeworks

Pipeworks is one of Sacramento’s most expansive indoor climbing gyms. Features include a 40 foot tall lead wall, 14,000 square feet of climbing terrain, 9,000 square feet of bouldering, over 110 routes for you to try. They set new routes every 12 weeks and always post current routes on their website. They offer classes, group events, and private lessons, as well as a full gym.


  1. Granite Arch Climbing Center

This climbing gym in Rancho Cordova boasts the “most realistic climbing walls in Northern California.” This becomes clear as soon as you walk in! Granite Arch has 20,000 square feet of wall area and features 5 auto belay units that don’t require a partner. They also have an outdoor boulder park with hand-sculpted “natural features” for members.


  1. Cosumnes River Gorge

The Cosumnes River Gorge near Placerville is one of the most visited sites in the area due to its accessibility for all ranges of climbers from first-timers to professionals. Most of the gorge’s plentiful routes are about 40 feet or less. There are lots of clean routes near the parking area and several dirty, multi-pitch routes for the more experienced. There are also plenty of swimming holes, waterfalls, and wet caves, but be very careful when the water is flowing quickly.


  1. Rocknasium Climbing Gym

This gym, located in Davis, opened in 1992 and has been serving climbers in the Sacramento region ever since. Rocknasium has 5,500 square feet of climbing terrain, a 16-foot-tall bouldering wall, a 22 foot horizontal lead roof, over 110 routes, and 3 auto belays. They also offer classes as well as yoga and fitness that compliment climbing.