What It’s All About

Our Manifesto

Let’s face it – the world is a crazy place. But there is one constant we can still put our faith in.

Jerky – the king of all meat.

Therefore, we pledge our trust, our palate, and most of all – our most valued food convictions to JERKY…  [continue reading]


Find out how you can win some jerky and show your friends what MANHOOD is all about!


Learn more about our meat, marinade & method that sets us apart from other “jerky” makers.

100% American, 100% MSG FREE, and 100% Delicious

What can we say? It’s simply OMG delicious. We firmly believe companies are ultimately shaped by their team’s personality and the customer service they offer. We’re thrilled you clicked on our contact page today, and we wish to thank you profusely. We are proud to offer you a sincere guarantee that whatever the reason you are contacting us today, we will respond promptly. Get Some Jerky is committed to giving you the immediate attention you deserve. Please fill out our nifty form and click the submit button. Following this process, your concern, compliment or request will be laser-etched in our minds, and we’ll get back to with zephyr-like speed.